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Exploration Drilling Machine with Hole Depth 150m
The drilling rig is suitable for engineering geological investigation, general exploration of solid deposits, blasting holes and inspection holes for a variety of concrete structures.
30m Exploration Drilling Rig High Mechanization
The drilling rig has strong applicability in the geological survey work for industrial construction, civilian construction, highways, railways, bridges and other engineering projects.
Portable Exploration Impact Drilling Rig
It is suitable for industrial and civil buildings as well as engineering geological surveys such as highways, railways and bridges.
Exploration Rotary Drilling Rig for Gold Exploration
The rig is applicable to industrial architecture, civil architecture, roads, railways, bridges and other engineering geological surveys.
Spindle Rotatory Drilling Rig with Ball Chuck
In geological engineering exploration, reconnaissance and exploration of solid deposits, shot holes and access holes for sorts of reinforced concrete structures, we use spindle rotatory drilling rig with ball chuck more.
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